[OPINION] A Realistic Expectation of Reparations for Blacks



A Husband’s Betrayal

Husband: To wife; “Forgive me for displaying deceit, my vows were to honor, protect and relieve. No words can express remorse that exists, or comfort your heart with actions remiss. The best that could happen was light being shed, of turmoil of selfishness, drama and dred. Placed focus on that which I loved you without, the lying, the cheating, misplaced whereabouts. Forgiveness is fluid when done as mistake, yet never when family and marriage at stake”

Wife: “Your words are both empty and filled with distraught, this moment can’t be without you being caught. The faithful of time I gave to you only, brings anger, resentment no one to console me. You went from in love to bouts of affection, could feel your release of joy and protection. Late evenings at work and spontaneous leaves, the scents of your trust gave promise to grieve. Never again should I challenge my faith, so this is the reason I implore you to skate. Love only stands on the shoulders of signs, the moment has come where our stars don’t align”

Husband: My regret is valid whether clear or a cloud, may God give you reason to read it aloud. Lost sight of your value and purpose to us, well understood all your hate and disgust. She was not to compare for her body I sought, lacked true stimulation, insight was never a cost. Rekindle is nil from your worded expression, though hate to admit this valuable lesson. I love you enough that I pray you find joy, either with me or a man not a boy. The fault wasn’t yours or the value you kept, but the moment of foresight the vision you wept. Forgive me the time unable to replace, I’ll never recover from the sorrow you face”

Wife: “Your words seem sincere yet expired of now, broke every bond shared including the vow. Rebuild surely I for life is in play, just can never forget this volatile day. Dreams come to life when pursued to the death, my dream was with you was not what was left. Stay prayerful strong I recovered my worth, my vigor, my strength, our children are worth. Remember the times we made love through the night, the highs and the lows, the wins and the fights. I seek to move on as you must do the same, just never relinquish the power of change”

“From Gangsters To Gods”

I was once defined by the hat that I broke, the battles we stoked, the fear that we brought, the grief that we sought

To grateful for health, true value of wealth, knowledge of self and purpose of breath

The blood of the lost does come at a cost, reliving my failures through lens of Enoch

I offer my life in the name of our royalty, through visions of obstacles pertaining to loyalty

The stance of a King shall never bow to less Gods, while seeking the heavens when kingdom is far

May God bring us purpose in lands without faith, when sight is replaced by material grace

The sins I am guilty range from greed to excess, yet vow to regain every moral I left

Let’s travel the world and exult in it’s works, this world we were given while praised as the first

No failure defines who you are as a Queen, For she is the reason you live as a King

Prophetic we’ll rise due divine intervention, Through moments of grief, betrayal, dissension

Not many will come ever healed from the scars, the thoughts of success is a Gangster To God

“Strength Of My Demise”

 "Strength of My Demise"

My demise was of the flesh that drove my spirit not the spirit that rode my flesh

The traffic lane to home was a rocky one at best

My rearview captured scenes of time and life I passed behind

While moving at a pace so as not to miss the signs

Weary yes but understand the need to make it home

Though had to slow the route's within a reconstruction zone

Vehicles vary size and shapes, color and expense

Most speeding by, some idle few, the wait can be immense

The rush to make it there hinged on my completed work

Though peers could see my actions proved my body is a church

A smile appeared when realized retiring for good

The pension I'll receive in life was firmly understood

Gone are days of pain and sorrow, envy, greed and lust

Replaced by those of love and passion, loyalty and trust

I've made it home the view alone should open tinted eyes

Only then you'll realize "The Strength of My Demise"

Words I Never Spoke 

My mind has filtered countless thoughts my heart could never speak

Actions placed on display my brain could never think

The path I took is rich in loss where failure is the King

Where hope and love pursuit thereof would die within my dreams

To just survive primary trait of those apart from life

To value that which can be made is not a sacrifice

Pray to God for answers that I feel are owed to me

The blur response was “where you are is where you chose to be”

A humble heart shall ease the pain of hurt that lies within

Reflected in the glass will always show that of a friend

Although my present deeds reveal the best is yet to come

An urgent sense since slightly tense I’m not forever young

My purpose is to give to life what life has gave to me

Death, loss and misery not all it was to be

Better now than was before progress a silent oath

Yearn to live and live within the “Words I Never Spoke”